Islamabad: The video of Pakistan railway minister Sheik Rasheed Ahmed suffering an electric shock, while he slams PM Modi, has gone viral.

Rasheed Ahmed was addressing a gathering on Friday (August 30) said, "We are aware of your intentions, Narendra Modi." The very next moment he suffered an electric shock.  

He was addressing the public during the Kashmir Hour event, a call given by the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for people to stand for an hour every Friday condemning India's abrogation of Article 370 and declaring Kashmir and Ladakh as union territories.

Recuperating from the shock, minister Rasheed Ahmed  started speaking again trying to manage the situation. "I think it was current. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot foil this meeting," he said.

This video is being shared widely on social media and Rasheed is being trolled.

One of the Twitterati even connected it to power cuts in Pakistan and said: "Pakistan Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed should win the Oscar to best acting of victim as electric shock , while there is no electricity in Pakistan (sic)."

Minister Rasheed is known as the controversial leader. He had earlier predicted a full-blown war between India and Pakistan next month or in October.

In his earlier speeches, he had said that it is a decisive time for Kashmir's struggle. This is going to be the last war between both countries, he had said.

Rasheed is also the chief of Awami Muslim league (MNA).