Bengaluru: After a roller coaster ride, the Karnataka government has come to a sudden halt with the resignation of the incumbent chief minister HD Kumaraswamy. As claimed by the coalition MLAs, it looks like 'operation lotus' seems to have been successful making sure the coalition government is dead. Meanwhile, Yeddyurappa who cried foul at many instances since the government was formed (on May 23, 2018), is all set to become the chief minister and form government in Karnataka in two days.

Soon after the Assembly results were announced in May 2018, BJP emerged as the single largest party in Karnataka with 105 seats. Yeddyurappa was invited by the Governor to form the government, but it was short-lived as the Congress and the JD(S) joined hands. Yeddyurappa could not prove majority and had to step down in just three days.

Since then, there were allegations of 'operation kamala' being strongly implemented, every time Yeddyurappa said the government will fall. It was even compared to the story of 'boy who cried wolf'. But it looks like Yeddyurappa was determined and his patience is bearing fruits now.

This may have been the result of the operation conducted by the BJP or perhaps an in-party strategy, the government has collapsed indeed. Just For Laughs on MyNation wonders whether Yeddyurappa could be conferred a honorary doctorate for his determined efforts in bringing the government down.