Bengaluru: India successfully launched the Chandrayaan-2 to the moon. Though there were glitches the first time it was tried on July 15,  soon the problems were set right and the most awaited moment was witnessed on July 22 at 2.45 pm, when the rocket successfully shot up into the sky. If you thought Chandrayaan was the most difficult mission, BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa is preoccupied with other thoughts revolving around political developments, twists and turns in Karnataka Assembly. Though it was a roller coaster ride for the Congress-JD(S) since the beginning of the alliance on May 15, 2018, they managed to stay together. The joy ride turned tragic when 12 MLAs resigned on July 6. Soon the number of rebel MLAs resigning went up to 15. Currently, the rebel MLAs are in a resort in Mumbai, refusing to land in the Karnataka Assembly.

Despite all this, Kumaraswamy announced that he is willing to prove majority and the motion for the same was moved on July 18. The mission trust vote has been rocking not just the Karnataka Assembly, but also the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha since then.

The MLAs in the coalition government are gripping the Assembly with long duration speeches 'forcing' the Speaker only to postpone the trust vote.

The mission trust vote neither materialised on Friday, Saturday nor Sunday. But the coalition government was successful in halting it even on Monday, much to the disappointment of the BJP and its state president Yeddyurappa, who have been waiting for the government to collapse, ready to 'launch' their own.

It is Tuesday and the MLAs are still busy talking and MyNation on Just For Laughs tells you exactly what Yeddyurappa might be thinking right now.