Faced with a flurry of complaints on Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, which only seems to be mounting by the day, the Election Commission on Saturday announced that it would be setting up a dedicated wing to look into them.

Speaking exclusively to MyNation's reporter Vodka Dutt, Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said that the commission had been mulling this move for a little while now. 

"For the past few days, the number of complaints on Yogi have been increasing to such an extent that half of our time goes just in looking into them, instead of focusing on the organisation of elections all over the country. So that's how we began to think about the idea of a special wing for him. With another complaint coming in today, we decided that enough was enough and set up the wing. All complaints on Yogi can now be directly addressed to the wing, so that we can get back to sending notices to those who have the lotus symbol on wedding invitations and so on, to ensure a level playing field," the CEC stated.

According to sources in various post offices in the vicinity, the EC's Yogi wing is already set to receive dozens of complaints. "One plea on temporarily banning the telecast of Vin Diesel movies on TV has already been redirected to us. We're looking into this one and also pondering over whether we should ban him from touring UP until the elections are over," said an EC officer, soon to be in charge of the Yogi wing.

Mahaghatbandhan leaders have welcomed the EC's move. "We were actually wondering where to set up the office of this grand alliance, but given that almost all our time now will be spent on writing complaints about Yogi, we might as well ask the EC to sublet a room in their Yogi wing to us, until the 23rd of this month," said former UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav. BSP supremo Mayawati too is supposed to have agreed to Akhilesh's proposal, on the condition that she be allowed to erect a statue of herself inside the room.

According to our sources, the UP CM himself is very upbeat about the EC's move. "I'm looking forward to visiting their office soon. I even want to rename this wing Garud Pankh and have it inaugurated by officials of Modiji ke Sena. Let's see how it goes," the CM is supposed to have said.

This article is a work of satire