New Delhi: The makers of movie Accidental Prime Minister launched the trailer on December 27 and already started receiving backlash from the Indian Youth Congress — the youth wing of the Congress. The trailer, which crossed over 16 million views on YouTube, seems to have left the Congress leaders unimpressed. 

When asked why they are unhappy with the movie, one of the most senior leaders of Congress Party Digvijaya replied, “This movie is totally baseless and it doesn’t have an iota of truth in it. Anupam Kher ji has deliberately made the movie on the fake story. Rahul baba’s real avatar is not shown in the trailer. He loves to watch Chhota Bheem and Pogo channel but the director didn’t show it in the trailer.”

He also said, “Rahul Baba is the youth icon of India and will be next Prime Minister of India. I think Anupam Kher is worried about our Baba’s popularity and that he might take over PM Modi. This is the reason he avoided showing Baba’s original personality in the movie.” 

Though the movie’s director has not yet reacted to Congress’s reaction, supporters across India filed a case against the makers of the movie and demand strict actions against them. 

“This movie is unrealistic and based on a fake story because Shri Manmohan Singh is seen speaking most of the time (as shown in the trailer) with boldness. This is exactly opposite of how Singh was as the Prime Minister. He spoke very less and remained almost silent throughout his 10-year tenure as PM of India,” said a passionate Youth Congress leader just before filing the case against the movie.

 The above article is a piece of satire