Now the legend is gone, his memories are fresh in our mind. He was loved by masses & millions of people have personal stories to share about him.

But, just beware of ideologies and individuals that he fought with all his life, they have already started an attempt to put Atal Ji in a frame that fits into their theories and their ideologies.

The will pick and choose pieces from Atal Ji's life and will write the history in a particular way showing Atal Ji as an odd one out. 

They will try to portray as if Atal Ji was the opposite of what RSS & BJP is. They will try to tell us again and again that Atal Ji was a misfit.

Just remember, Atal Ji was not an odd one out in the team, in fact, he was the leader of the team. He was the one who made this team. 

Some points that history should teach us about Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji --

Vajpayee was first "purely" non-Congress prime minister of India. 

He was the first national leader who openly talked about his Hindu identity & about India being a Hindu Rashtra accommodating everyone into it.

He was very clear that there should be & there must be a grand Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.

Through his speeches, articles & poems, he openly talked about war between civilizations 

He gave us APJ Abul Kalam as president. 

He went ahead with nuclear tests, and at that time, most opposition parties used the same logic against nuclear tests that they are now using against bullet train and space programme.

He was loved by masses but bitterly opposed by today's opposition. 

He faced much more hostility than current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. 

BJP of Atal Bihari Vajpayee was made "untouchable" & anyone working with them was being labelled as "communal".

Many BJP led state governments were dismissed by centre without any reason when he was leading the Party.

It's only because of the way masses loved him that forced political parties to change their stand and accept him as the prime minister.

He changed the rules of coalition governments when for the first time the largest party led the government. 

He was the one who made this slogan popular "Garv se Kaho Ham Hindu Hain".

He was first Indian prime minister who was totally unapologetic about his Hindu identity. 

Don't let the same forces write his history, who fought with him all his life