A recent statement by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during an interview about taking revenge from Pakistan over the killing of Indian soldiers by their army is being twisted out of context to wrongly suggest that the Union minister has admitted that the country has violated the Geneva convention which prohibits despoiling of enemy soldiers' bodies.

However, if one watches the programme, it clearly emerges that Sitharaman's criticism on the issue is a classic case of spin-doctoring and putting things out of context.

During the India TV show 'Aap ki Adalat', anchor Rajat Sharma, while discussing the Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, said that when the BJP was in opposition, it used to say that for every two incidents of beheading of Indian soldiers by Pakistan, it would get 10 heads. He metaphorically asked the minister if that meant the NDA government was responding strictly to the terrorist activities of Pakistan in Kashmir or not.

The minister, in a short and swift reply, responded metaphorically, saying that "Kat rahein hain, hum display nahi kar rahe". By this, it can be clearly seen and understood that the minister meant that the government was retaliating strongly to the misadventures by Pakistan and was paying Islamabad with its own coin.  
The statement in no ways suggests that she is making any admission that India desecrates Pakistani soldiers. 

During the same interview, the minister also mentions the fact that Pakistan never accepts the bodies of its dead soldiers who are handed over to them after following the due procedure. "If anything else, this statement by Sitharaman only emphasises how Indian army, known for its exemplary discipline and respect for protocol, follows the Geneva convention very strictly," sources close to the Minister said. 

The entire discussion in the segment is over the mock allegation of India being unable to restrain Pakistan’s terrorist activities, and the minister is seen throughout as asserting how the Indian Army has been constantly retaliating to the sinister activities by Pakistan along the border and in Kashmir, they said.

Officials in the government also expressed worry over the fact that certain so-called experts were making these allegations around the time when the entire country is celebrating the second anniversary of the surgical strikes.