Hinduism is an amalgamation of various religious traditions that have originated and developed in the holy land of India for over 6,000 years. There are many traditions in Hinduism like Saivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism, Vedism and Tantricism. Hinduism also includes many ascetic and folk customs which have now become such an integral part of Hinduism that it becomes very difficult to identify them separately. Hinduism also includes many schools of philosophy as part of its traditions. Some of them are the darshanas which include Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisheshkia, Mimansa and Vedanta.

Hindutva is Sanatan. Our values and principles are eternal. Our logic and dialogues from the Vedas to Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta have held on its own despite the historical events encompassing thousands of years. Our philosophy is pervasive, complete and humane. Despite that, we don’t claim superiority over other faiths. Our great sages have investigated the mystery of creation and purpose of life without invading anyone.

Hinduism is extremely flexible, assimilative and adaptive to say the least. It has a very broad outlook owing to its many divergent traditions. Hinduism has never been dogmatic, preaching only a definitive set of scriptures, teachings. What amazes me about Hinduism is its flexibility and adaptability. It changes with the changing time, but it doesn’t lose its essence or its core values. Hinduism recognises the unstable nature of this word, the fickle-mindedness and realises how easily the circumstances around us change. But, Hinduism places the highest importance to truth and always asks us to strive for truth no matter what our conditions are because the truth is unchangeable and permanent. Hinduism doesn’t have or need any central authority to control it. So, you can be a Hindu if you want, you do not need anybody’s approval. Hinduism doesn’t even have a code of conduct. You might as well be an atheist, yet you can still be a Hindu.

Hinduism is the most peaceful and tolerant religion in the world. Hinduism, being a composite religion, has never had any issues with any other religion on earth, which are based on the teachings of a particular founder. Hinduism being as broad as it is, gives a wide religious and philosophical base where it can peacefully co-exist with all other religions without feeling threatened to establish its dominance and superiority. Hindus are probably the only ones, who have not launched an attack on other nations based on faith. Also, let’s not forget how Hinduism has strived for over 1100 years of repeated Islamic and Christian oppression.

Iinherently, there is oneness among Bharatwasis despite following these different faiths. That’s the reason despite the partition of Bharat, Sanatan dharmiks didn’t object to sharing their home with other religions. Continuing our traditions of thousands of years, we still continue sharing our land, resources with everyone without discrimination. We even allow exclusive rights to minorities and thus the term “minority appeasement”.

Hinduism has the potential to become the most vibrant and dominant religion in the world, but for that we need to focus on our roots. We should strengthen our traditional institutions and inculcate the values, knowledge and teachings as mentioned in our scriptures. No doubt, Hinduism is the only religion which is continually evolving and has an inherent flexibility to it. But, with the changing times, we also need to take a step back and re-envision Hinduism once again.

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It is incredibly critical for our survival to look inwards. Hindutva is a comprehensive realisation. It is not reactionary but a self-evolving universal set of methods and tools to face modern scientific times. The world has seen differences leading to conflicts, while for others - the existence of one is incumbent on the destruction of others. Hindutva alone has shown that differences can coexist. Amalgamation, equality and balance with all faiths, genders, communities, life forms, nature, rivers, cultures, forests, trees and even insects are unique to Hindu Rashtra. It is a contemporary, nonviolent nation where peace, dialogue, logic and prosperity prevail. It promotes freedom of expression, worship and equality for all.

Don’t get swayed by the adharmic 'sold-out' media. We don’t need validation from them. Let’s focus on our karma and spread our effulgence through an immortal invocation of satya, ahinsa, dharam and Ram Rajya! Let’s all pray for sukh and samriddhi for all humankind!


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