The post-mortem report of martyred Intelligence Bureau official, Ankit Sharma, has revealed some ghastly details.


Delhi Police officials probing the death said that it is just a matter of time before those involved in this targeted and pre-planned killing are brought to justice. The officer died on duty and it has become clear now that this was a targeted killing. Sharma was brutally stabbed to death earlier this week during the violence in northeast Delhi. His body was found inside a drain.


Killing with a vengeance:


Although the police are yet to ascertain the motive, the autopsy report clearly shows that the killing was not spontaneous. Multiple abrasion, deep cut by sharp edge objects, the post-mortem report read. This means that he was brutally and repeatedly stabbed to death.


Experts say that the repeated stabbing is an indictor that the murder did not take place on the spur of the moment. It appears as though he was specifically targeted. If one looks at the injuries of those who either died or were injured in the riots, most of them either bore stone or bullet marks. In the case Sharma, it was a stabbing and there was a clear motive behind it.


The motive:


Delhi Police sources told MyNation that it is too early to say what the motive was. Prima facie it looks to be a targeted killing. We are looking at three angles in this case. One, whether it happened in the heat of the movement.

Two, whether these persons wanted to eliminate him because he had some incriminating information on them and their anti-national activities. Three, if this was an attempt to send a message to the establishment that if their demands are not met, officers will be targeted and brutally murdered. Going by the autopsy report and the manner in which the officer was stabbed, we have reasons to believe that it was a targeted killing. Hence we are more inclined towards theory two and three, the source cited above said.


Murder most foul:


Ankit had returned from work. He then went out to assess the situation in the violence-hit Chand Bagh area, which has been hit by violence. He was confronted by a violent mob. He was taken away by a few persons. He was then stabbed to death and then these persons dumped his body in a drain. The body was found on Wednesday. 

The sequences of events clearly show that those persons who stabbed him were clearly aware of who he was. A death owing to mob violence is a spontaneous act and happens in the heat of the moment. However in the case of Ankit, he was first taken away from the spot and then stabbed multiple times and this clearly suggests that it was a pre-planned act.


Ankit’s father, Ravinder Sharma, who also works with the Intelligence Bureau has accused supporters of Aam Admi Party leader, Tahir Hussain, of attacking his son.


The role of Tahir Hussain:


Following the murder of Ankit Sharma, the role of AAP leader Tahir Hussain has come under the scanner. The police were shocked to find many crates of petrol bombs and stones on the roof top of Hussain’s house.


Ankit’s father said that people were pelting stones from that building and even said that one more body was recovered from there. The family further alleged that they had heard provocative slogans from his house.


Hussain, who denied any role in the murder or the riots, has now been booked under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code on charges of murder.  The police had also sealed off his house after petrol bombs, stones and bricks were found on the roof top. The case was filed against the now suspended AAP leader after Ankit’s father lodged a complaint against him.