There has been a desperate attempt to get the newly amended citizenship law rolled back. Although it does not affect any Indian, there has been a sustained attempt on the part of the opposition to misguide the Muslims of the country.

Delhi witnessed one of its worst riots in recent times, with rapid mobs pelting stones and even killing a policeman. In the past two days, there have been several reports about how the violence was staged and orchestrated to time it with the Donald Trump visit. The sole agenda – embarrass India.

Timed to perfection:

Former Chief of the Research and Analysis Wing, CD Sahay tells MyNation that when political bitterness and conflict goes beyond a point, the shape that it takes is unpredictable. The point is how they had timed it. It was timed so well that the police could not have taken drastic action immediately. All the police could do at that time was to keep it within manageable limits, says Sahay.

Today, the full force of the police power of the state will be used to control it. The protest will be suppressed, but not brutally as the use of brute force is never recommended. Sahay says now preventive arrests will have to take place.

Shoot and scoot:

Sahay explains that it is important to find out who is behind the protests. This would be a very important component of the investigation. It is clear that there are outsiders who are behind these protests.

The people in Delhi do not react this way. They are wage earners and such a paralysis does hurt them. There are very powerful people behind this. What was the need for Chandrasekhar Azad to be there? Where does he figure in all this? How is he affected by the citizenship law? Earlier he was instigating people at Jamia Masjid. Due to a court order he had to leave and then he came back again. If he wanted to join the protests, he could have done so at Shaheen Bagh. Why was another front opened? These people are indulging in a shoot and scoot policy and currently there is a need to sort it out, says Sahay.

The law will not be withdrawn:

Former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing Amar Bhushan says that these persons were given the impression that the citizenship law will be withdrawn. The opposition and some NGOs came out and incited these people against the law, which does not affect them, and left.

I am not sure if the opposition had planned this violence, but they had a clear role in inciting the people. I feel that the actual violence was however the handiwork of the radical Islamic elements. If they think violence can force Prime Minister Narendra Modi to withdraw the law, then they are daydreaming.

This was clearly orchestrated. Donald Trump was coming, and they were not violent before that. When he was about to land in India, the violence erupted. What else is this other than an orchestrated incident, Bhushan also says.

You don’t talk with a mob:

I do not understand this concept of mediation with a mob. Mediation is a success when there is an area of disagreement. These persons at Shaheen Bagh have taken a stance and when this is the case, how do you negotiate, asks Amar Bhushan.

You cannot talk to a mob. There was never any unanimity on who will go and talk. Moreover, the women at Shaheen Bagh have been brainwashed so badly that negotiations are bound to fail.

So, what does the police do now? A constable died of stone pelting. The manual places several restrictions on the police. There was talk, why was curfew not imposed? You cannot impose curfew all of a sudden as it has to be preceded by Section 144. But the problem is that these are all issues that are decided by judges and jurists who sit in their air-conditioned chambers and speak.