The Opposition chose to make a hue and cry after the Indian Government decided to allow members of the European Union visit Jammu and Kashmir.

Following the visit, Newton Dunn, a lawmaker from the United Kingdom said that they belong to Europe, which is peaceful after years of fighting. We want to see India becoming the most peaceful country in the world and for that they need to stand by India in its fight against global terrorism.

The Congress and the Left slammed the BJP government while stating that it was allowing the EU, but not its own Parliamentarians. The Congress even went on to call it a national embarrassment and sought accountability. While the CPM said that it was an affront to Parliament and its sovereignty, the National Conference termed the move as a PR stunt.

Experts say that a major decision has been taken on Jammu and Kashmir. After 70 years, this government has finally integrated Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India. The government is doing everything in its capacity to restore complete normalcy and ensure that the people are benefited by this move of abrogating Article 370.

Amar Bhushan, former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing tells MyNation, it is sad to see so many elements today have ganged up recklessly without any sense. We start to wonder are we living in a country where there is no sense of nationalism left.

Bhushan says that in a situation like we must ask why we have left the EU delegation visit Jammu and Kashmir. Although there is no bar on anyone visiting J&K, the problem is that our Parliamentarians would have visited J&K with an intention of agitating the people and inciting them. We have reached this stage as there is no sense of propriety and we cannot trust the opposition.

The former R&AW officer further narrates an incident, when an issue had cropped up to make intelligence organisations subject to the scrutiny of parliamentarians. “This is the case in the US, UK and France, but I had opposed it and I had my reasons. I had told them that I could not trust them. There are members in the Left, Congress and NCP, whom I could not trust. Do you expect me to trust them if I told them that I would be undertaking an operation in Balochistan?” Bhushan had asked.

He further says that they are not prepared to believe the Balakot and surgical strikes undertaken by our Army. When this is the case, how can anyone trust our Parliamentarians in the opposition, Bhushan further asks.

The problem, officers say is that even after so many years of functioning there is a reckless gang which tries and sabotages our plans. Even after integrating, J&K after 70 years, these people in the Opposition continue to protest. The EU at the end of the day only visited the place, assessed the situation and would have made some suggestions. The Opposition on the other hand would have gone there with the specific purpose of inciting violence, which in turn would have been counter-productive.

The BJP while reacting to the allegations made by the Opposition has said that none have stopped them from visiting J&K. The Opposition’s frustration over the visit by the EU delegation is borne out of the failure of its propaganda about the situation there, Shahnawaz Hussain, spokesperson for the BJP said.

Who has stopped them? Who has stopped Rahul Gandhi from going there? If some parliamentarians from the European Union are going it is good as we have nothing to hide. He also said that when government did not allow visits by outsiders, the opposition criticised it and now it continues to attack the government even after the visit was allowed.

The government has been doing a thorough assessment of the situation. A Home Ministry source said that the top priority is to ensure that everything is normal. We assess the situation on a minute to minute basis. The move is aimed at benefiting the people so that they can go about their lives.

The source also added that they had been in constant touch with the local leaders of Jammu and Kashmir. Some have agreed that they would not incite violence. However, we have got no assurance from the likes of Mehbooba Mufti, who remains adamant and we feel that she will incite violence and ensure that normalcy is not restored, the source further added.