On the fateful day of February 14, the entire country was shaken by the dreadful news of Pulwama attacks. The attacks took the lives of 40 CRPF (Central Reserve police force) personnel. The responsibility for the attack was taken by Pakistan-based Islamist terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed. 

India’s security forces took some prompt actions in the wake of these attacks. Within 100 hours, all the main conspirators and leaders behind the attacks were killed. Though we lost five of our men, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it clear that strict action will be taken against those who threaten national security.

Genesis of terror

Unfortunately, such terrorist attacks are not new. India has been subjected to attacks since the 7th century AD. It is pitiful that the nation is still ravaged by such sinful activities. Plunderers like Muhammad Ghori, Muhammad of Ghazni and Tamerlane mercilessly looted this nation and claimed they have killed crores of the people in the name of jihad. There was the Umayyad expansion in Al Hind before that. Arabs hit an Indian kingdom for the first time in 643 AD; they defeated Rutbil, King of Zabulistan in Sistan, and then plundered his territory.

The recorded message of the fidayeen behind the Pulwama attacks shows his message was just a showpiece of the same mentality. The suicide bomber clearly mentioned in his message that his fight was against people who consumed cow urine (Hindus) and against the people who destroyed Babri Masjid. 

Hence, it is important that we punish Pakistan and all those Kashmiri people who are behind the conspiracy of Pulwama attacks. However, this would be akin to fixing things only on the periphery. It’s time we accepted and understood that the ongoing fight in Kashmir is not for freedom but that of Islam against the sanatana dharma. The exodus of Pandits from Kashmir in the period 1989-92 stands testimony to this fight. People in lakhs came to the streets of Kashmir shouting “Allah-u-Akbar”, ready to loot and kill the Pandits. Women and children of these hapless Hindus were brutally raped and killed.    

The genesis of this violence goes back to 1947 when our country was divided into two parts on religious grounds. There was a sizeable population of Muslims in the country who were not willing to live with Hindus. It was the first time in the history of the world that a country (Pakistan) was created on the basis of religion. These very people who were responsible of Partition made Kashmir a laboratory for jihad, which is going on till date. The ongoing militancy and the hybrid war in Jammu and Kashmir are nothing but an indispensable part of that link which all started in 1947. 

First Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, under the influence of his friend Sheikh Abdullah, introduced Articles 370 and 35A to the Constitution in order to safeguard and continue this jihad in the Valley. Then home minister Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel and chairman of drafting committee Babasaheb Ambedkar were completely against this but Nehru somehow pulled this entire set-up off with the help of his friend N Gopalaswami Ayyangar who was a minister without portfolio in Nehru’s Cabinet. 

Ambedkar objected to giving Kashmir a special status but Nehru prevailed. Worse, Nehru’s daughter Indira Gandhi amended the Preamble of the Constitution to turn the country ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’. This paved the way to total institutionalised destruction of the nation. In order to support a distorted version of secularism to cultivate a vote-bank, history of the country was manufactured, which turned generations intellectually impotent. Thanks to the fraud in education, hundreds of Kashmirs now exist in India.

Not surprising, the current president of the Congress said his was a party of a particular community.

An educational institute has been a major contributor to the spread of ‘jihad’ right from 1947: the Aligarh Muslim University. Unfortunately, the AMU continues to guide youngsters in the wrong direction and many scholars and Kashmiri intellectuals, who have studied there or are still studying, spread the terror-inspiring philosophy of jihad in the name of Islam in Kashmir and other parts of India. 
Another instrument of spreading terror and brainwashing young minds in the Valley are madrassas (seminaries) run by an Islamic political organisation called Jamaat-e-Islami. Over the years, the so-called “social conservative movement” has been largely responsible for the radicalisation of youth in the Valley.

Is there a solution? Can things change?

This might be a bitter pill to swallow. India does not have a social character and we, as the citizens of this country, need to work on it. The aftermath of Pulwama attacks saw the sentiment of patriotism subsuming most citizens. Unfortunately, there are still a few who are analysing the heroes killed in action on the basis of caste, class, and region. There is an undeniable need for large-scale education so that the nation behaves and responds as one unit. Indians need to recognize that attacks like Pulwama are just a symptom of a major problem that runs deep. Pulwama attacks have given us an opportunity to deal with the disease and not the symptom. We know where the disease lies and it is time to end it once and for all. 

In these tough times, we stand united with the defence forces but once again we need to remind ourselves that the present situation is a consequence of 1,400 years of jihad perpetrated on the country. Every citizen must fight the venomous ecosystem of vote-bank politics and secularist appeasement that is thriving since 1947. It is strongly recommended that the path of violence is not followed. Educating people right is the key.        

Fortunately, we have a visionary leader who knows how to deal with such deep-rooted crisis. It is important that we stand with him in these testing times with patience, perseverance, commitment and enthusiasm.

Jai Hind!

The views of the author are personal; they do not necessarily reflect that of MyNation