Who are these internal enemies and how to identify them? We have to fight not only against our external enemies like Pakistan but, more importantly, we have to defeat our internal enemies.

The airstrike against terror camps of Jaish-e-Mohammed in Balakot of Pakistan on February 26 was highly successful from India’s point of view. However, we cannot and should not rest on the laurels of the strike. There shouldn't be any let up in the war against terror. The war against Pakistan-sponsored terrorism must continue ruthlessly.

While there should not be reckless bravado, well-planned and strategic attacks on terror factories of Pakistan must go on. We must know Pakistan is a treacherous enemy. Their 'peace gestures' are meant to be a mere camouflage to deceive India and divert our focus from their terror camps and then surreptitiously continue to damage us.

More importantly, right-thinking people among us must identify the so-called secular, liberals, intellectuals, etc and expose their hidden agenda against nationalist forces. But who are these internal enemies and how to identify them?

These are some of their tell-tale signs:

1. When there are terror incidents, they would ask where the 56-inch chest is and when the proverbial bravery would manifest. They would say war is bad and that we must exercise restraint.

2. They would say, terrorism has no religion.

3. They would posit that mobilising a certain minority community voters to defeat nationalist forces is secularism but asking majority community voters to vote for nationalist forces is communalism.

4. They would say corruption, dynastic politics, nepotism, etc are much smaller issues compared to the 'lack' of freedom of expression during the last five years.

5. They would say development may take the backseat but we must preserve our 'Ganga-Jamuni' sanskriti (an assimilated culture of Hindus and Muslims, where the Ganges denotes Hindus because they regard the river as holy while it's the banks of the Yamuna along which most Islamic rulers had settled).

6. For all these people, during the last five years, India has become an intolerant country.

7. They would often showcase a few, stray instances or views of people in Pakistan advocating peace with India and then try to silence the nationalists in India who complain of Islamic terrorism.

8. For them, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is a peace angel but his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi is a jingoist who uses dead bodies of soldiers to attract Hindu votes.

The list above of identification of the internal enemies is illustrative but not exhaustive.

In a nutshell, we must identify the real enemies of the nation from within and then try to expose their hidden agenda against the nation. Our war is not only against our external enemies like Pakistan but also against the enemies within.

The writer is a blogger. The views expressed in this article are personal and may not reflect the editorial position of MyNation.