Bengaluru: The Muslim Defence Fund (MDF) was set up two years ago. This was a front that was meant to receive money from Pakistan to fan violence and also set up outfits that would preach a form of rabid Islam.

The scanner of the agencies on the Muslim Defence Fund is back now as money has started to come in, in large numbers to fund the protests over the citizenship law that was amended to provide citizenship to the persecuted minority from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The National Investigation Agency, which first busted this case, learnt that the MDF had been set up in 2018, with a long-term plan. The MDF was to receive donations from both Muslims in India and abroad. It was originally set up by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

The agencies are today looking into the money trail and also the funds that were pumped in to fund the Delhi riots. It has been found that an operative from Chandini Chowk had received the money from Pakistan and then passed it on to the organisers of these protests. The MDF was set up to move dirty money generated through illegal drug and arms trade.

When it was set up, many people thought that it was an NGO which worked towards the welfare of Muslims. It was portrayed as though the MDF would collect charity for the Muslims. The MDF on the other hand according to the NIA has moved money to various parts of the country. The same has been used to incite violence, set up modules and also indulge in anti-India activities.

The NIA says that the outfit has changed its names several times. In fact, it came into being first when the Lashkar-e-Tayiba wanted to move money to the separatists of Kashmir. The Pakistani operative would send money first to Dubai, following which it would be routed to Delhi. The operative would then collect the money and then channel it in India.

The entire network is under the control of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. The Lashkar on the other hand has several persons within India, who help the outfit move the money around. Today it is learnt that the Muslim Defence Front has invested a lot of money in spreading false propaganda in India in a bid to incite the Muslims against the citizenship law.

It may be recalled that the IB had recently picked up chatter in which a Pakistani handler is telling an Indian organiser to spend the money well and also ensure that crowds swell at the protests over CAA.