New Delhi: The forerunner of the leftists in our country - Shri Javed Akhtar was recently schooled by the IPS officers on his country when he tried to explain that Delhi Police entered the Jamia Milia Islamia University campus by force. He said that the police have violated the law of the land by entering without permission.

It’s becoming obvious that few in Bollywood and the Communists who form the infamous Tukde Tukde Gang are nothing but an amplifier for a certain foreign power to present biased narrative that’s designed to harm India, our growth and alienate our Indian Muslim brothers with their agenda. We have seen them time and again spreading hate and fear in our country. Our constitution does allow freedom of speech and expression, but even that is not absolute. These people follow absolutely no restraint and resort to petty hate mongering on social media.

They put allegations on nationalist organisations as the intellectuals of this Tukde Tukde Gang see them as obstacles who need to be removed. These are publicised and spread rapidly with much fanfare but with little and often no scrutiny. We don’t have to turn back our pages of history, we recently saw the example of Bharat Sharma who is an Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad worker. He was wrongly claimed to be donning the police uniform during riot control. But this myth was soon busted. So, it makes me wonder whether Bollywood and this Tukde Tukde Gang are on the side of the foreign power who are trying to manipulate the Indian Muslims, or are they on the side of the illegal Bangladeshis who in the arson of Indian tax payers hard earned money, are perpetrating violence on the Indian soil and are trying to spread their Jihad? Is it the Tukde Tukde Gang who induce violence, or is it the foreign power who are directing them into coordinating these grotesque protests while helpless taxpayers see their country burn?

They have now resorted to spreading false information that this Citizenship Amendment Act and the Modi government are discriminating against a certain minority. This new narrative is now being projected as the conventional wisdom in the western media. That view is so widely spread, projected and firmly endorsed by leftists that it would seem that fat lady has sung already. But if we closely examine these narratives, it will lead us to some very unsettling questions:

Ø  Why is there so little academic research and documents about such discrimination if it really started (as otherwise stated) in “2002 Gujarat”?

Ø  Why almost all of these major discriminatory writings have been featured in leftist websites which are of the tabloid kind, without any research footnotes to verify these claims?

Ø  Remember when the Supreme Court of India slammed a certain Tukde Tukde Gang journalist (featured by the NewYorker) for his book on Gujrat for being a work of fiction? Why hasn't any Tukde Tukde Gang member said anything about how difficult research is?

There are many roadblocks, difficulties and limitations to researching on the ground for stories, but we have also seen some amazing journalists who have never been swayed by any narratives and have always stuck to the truth. Indeed, they show nothing but the truth. They have never given any excuses for their stories. Most of these Tukde Tukde Gang journalists whip up stories in a matter of minutes and when they are asked for their sources, they often say, “I spoke to my driver/grocer/5-year-old niece.” Funny, isn’t it? Nevertheless, they often conclude that India has become a fascist Nazi state. Are we all missing something here?