In a gripping moment, Hardik Pandya bowled the final delivery to Anrich Nortje, holding the nation in suspense. Then, with an electrifying announcement, India secured the ICC trophy after 11 years. The country erupted in celebration—screams, tears, and heartfelt gratitude filled the air.

Amidst this nationwide euphoria, an unexpected hero emerged: a Zomato delivery executive working a late-night shift. Knowing of India’s victory, he couldn’t contain his joy. Caught on camera, he abandoned his bike on a deserted road, shedding his shirt and dancing with abandon, his uniform twirling in true Desi style.

Ironically, a passerby from a nearby building captured his solo celebration and shared it online, where it quickly went viral. The video spread happiness and emotion across social media platforms.

Viewers flooded the comments section with heartfelt responses. “The cameraman should have gone down and danced with him,” remarked one viewer. Another commented, “Cricket isn’t just a game, it’s emotions.” A third echoed the sentiment, “Among all the tales that exist, cricket will always be the top escape for everyone.”

Many were struck by the delivery man’s resemblance to YouTuber iShowSpeed. “My respect for iShowSpeed has increased,” wrote one viewer. Another joked, “Is iShowSpeed now a Zomato delivery guy?” A third humorously speculated, “He could go international; he looks so much like Speed!”

The video’s pure joy resonated deeply with audiences, highlighting the universal appeal of cricket and the spontaneous expressions of joy it can inspire.