We have come across many bizarre things. But here's one that will make you shudder. A woman was busy on the phone and while talking, sat on a pair of snakes. She was bitten by the reptile and died soon after. This  incident happened in a Gorakhpur village in Uttar Pradesh on September 11.

The victim is identified as Gita, who is the wife of Jai Singh Yadav. She was reportedly on the phone with her husband, who works in Thailand. The snakes had apparently slithered into her home and onto her bed. Gita was unable to see the snakes on the bed due to the printed bed sheet.

As she sat on the bed, the snakes immediately bit her and she fell unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital, thanks to her family members, but she died during treatment.

The family returned home to find the snakes still playing on the bed. Angered by this, they, along with neighbours, beat the snakes to death. According to veterinary experts, the snakes were supposedly mating when she sat on the bed.