During the scorching summer break, children eagerly anticipate a reprieve from the heat. Yet, this period often comes with a burden: holiday homework and projects assigned by teachers. Recently, a viral video featuring a frustrated mother has stirred discussions across social media platforms.

In the widely circulated clip, the mother expressed her exasperation with the practice of assigning complex assignments during vacations. She pointed out that many tasks are beyond the capabilities of children, often requiring parental intervention to complete them. Her plea resonated with countless parents who find themselves finishing their children's homework, highlighting a systemic issue in education.

The video, originally shared on X by Eminent Woke, carried a poignant caption: "Education system is doing this to parents." This sentiment struck a chord with viewers, who flooded the comments section with their own experiences and opinions. The mother's impassioned appeal for teachers to consider assignments that align with students' abilities sparked a wave of reactions, reflecting widespread concern over the educational expectations placed on children and families during leisure time.

Shared on June 30, the video swiftly gained traction, accumulating over 660,000 views within a short span. Its viral spread underscored the frustrations and challenges faced by families navigating the demands of modern education. As debates continue online, the video serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing dialogue needed to ensure that educational practices support rather than burden students and their families during school breaks.