A captivating video featuring a two-headed snake, shared by US zookeeper Jay Brewer, has taken social media by storm. In the video, the unusual reptile is seen biting the zookeeper, adding to the intrigue of the footage.

In the Instagram post, Brewer humorously recounts the unexpected encounter with the two-headed snake, expressing surprise at having to handle two angry snakes instead of one. 

He describes one of the heads as particularly feisty, highlighting the challenges of dealing with such a unique creature.

The viral video has sparked curiosity among viewers, prompting questions about the snake's survival and mobility. One user, Vedant, inquired about the lifespan of the two-headed snake, while another pondered how two brains coordinate to move a single body, revealing the complexity of the situation.

Despite the unanswered questions, the mesmerizing glimpse of the rare reptile has captivated social media users, with over 21,155 likes on the post. The extraordinary nature of the two-headed snake has ignited fascination and discussion online, showcasing the power of unique and intriguing wildlife encounters.