In the world of social media, a recent viral video is causing quite a stir. The clip shows a fearless man bathing a king cobra, one of the deadliest snakes known for its lethal bite. Shared on @AMAZlNGNATURE, the video has sparked curiosity and concern alike.

In the short 15-second footage, the man is seen using shampoo to clean the snake’s body, a surprising sight given the snake’s fearsome reputation. The caption accompanying the video simply asks, “Why? Just why?” This unconventional act has garnered over 13 million views, drawing mixed reactions from viewers.

Some viewers humorously speculated if the man used "Head and Shoulders" shampoo, while others pointed out that snakes can emit unpleasant odors, prompting baths to keep them smelling fresh. Despite the snake appearing calm and seemingly enjoying the bath, many expressed concern over the risks involved in handling such a dangerous reptile.

This isn’t the first time such daring encounters with snakes have captured online attention. Similar videos surface occasionally, showcasing people interacting with wildlife in unexpected ways. Last year, another viral video showed a man serenely giving a bath to a massive cobra, stirring discussions about human-animal interactions and safety.

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda, who shared a similar video previously, cautioned against such actions, emphasizing that snakes have protective skin that naturally keeps them clean. The question remains: while these videos intrigue and entertain, should such close encounters with deadly snakes be encouraged or discouraged?