A recent dance video featuring a talented and graceful girl from AIIMS has taken social media by storm. The clip, originally shared by Anshika Singh Yadav on Twitter, showcases the girl's exceptional dancing skills, sparking both admiration and debate among viewers.

In the 24-second video, which appears to be from an AIIMS Annual Day event, the girl demonstrates impressive agility and rhythmic prowess. Many viewers have praised her talent, speculating that she could even excel in a dance reality show. However, the video has also stirred some controversy, with a few questioning whether a medical student should be engaging in such activities.

AIIMS, known for its rigorous academic environment, admits only top performers in the NEET exam, reflecting the girl's likely dedication to her studies as well. Despite the demanding schedule at AIIMS, where students often study 12-14 hours a day, the girl has managed to hone her dancing skills to a professional level.

The video has elicited a variety of responses on the internet. Some viewers have expressed awe at her abilities, with one commenter humorously suggesting they'd like to be admitted to AIIMS just to meet her. Others have pondered whether she would make a better doctor or dancer, appreciating her multifaceted talents.

Overall, the viral video not only highlights the girl's exceptional dance talent but also underscores the diverse abilities found within AIIMS students. It serves as a reminder that passion and dedication can flourish alongside rigorous academic pursuits, showcasing a side of AIIMS students that extends beyond their medical studies.