Lucknow: Truck drivers found wearing lungi and vest will be fined Rs 2,000 by the Uttar Pradesh Police.

According to Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019, drivers are supposed to follow a dress code. This is not only applicable to drivers of school vans but also to truck drivers and cleaners, assistants.

The dress code has been a part of MV Act since 1939, said Poornendu Singh, ASP (Traffic) Lucknow. The Act was amended in 1989 and a fine of Rs 500 was fixed for violating the dress code. 

Now, the new amendment has increased the fine amount to Rs 2,000. Accordingly the drivers, cleaners and their assistants are asked to be properly dressed. 

Drivers need to wear full length pants with a shirt or t-shirt. They must also wear closed shoes whenever they are driving the vehicle.

A recent report claimed that according to new rules, two-wheeler riders too cannot ride their vehicle wearing slippers or sandals. Flip flops are banned and if you are found wearing them, you will have to shell out Rs 1000 fine for flouting traffic rule. Repeated violation of the same rule can also land you in 15 days jail. 

Recently, a truck owner of Rajasthan was fined Rs 1,41,700 for overloading. 

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