People shed tears during various occasions. But not all of them are genuine. Tears can sometimes works as weapons to emerge victorious. Just For Laughs explains the difference between one those shedding genuine tears of sincerest like the ISRO chief K Sivan to those shedding crocodile tears to influence minds for personal gain like many of the politicians.

The picture of ISRO chief K Sivan in tears after failure of the Vikram lander module of Chandrayaan-2 to land on the moon as planned went viral. But it was successful in reaching the south pole of the moon. That in itself is a great achievement. The tears that Sivan shed were sincere after genuine effort rendered to put India's name on top of the world map in space missions.

However, there are others who shed tears to garner votes, especially politicians. Their photos and videos capturing them weeping have gone viral on various occasions. But these tears were shed either after losing power or money.

So, genuine tears are all that really matters and not ones shed for personal gain. Watch Just For Laughs on MyNation.