A landlord in Sydney has sparked widespread attention with a peculiar rental offer on Facebook Marketplace. The advertisement features a fully enclosed balcony in Haymarket, Sydney, transformed into what is described as a "sunny room" available for $969 a month (approximately Rs 81,003). The compact space is equipped with essential furnishings including a single bed, mirror, blinds, and a rug over tiled flooring.

Images of the balcony quickly went viral on social media platforms, drawing a mix of astonishment and humor from internet users. The room, accessible via glass sliding doors connected to the main property, provides a glimpse of a glass wall adjacent to it. The listing emphasizes convenience, highlighting its readiness for immediate occupancy with bills included in the weekly rent.

The balcony is a part of a larger apartment with two bedrooms that is rented separately for $1300 a week (not including utilities). Potential tenants would share the bathroom with only one other person. The listing promotes easy access to various locations, appealing to prospective renters looking for simplicity and proximity.

Sydney's rental market has seen significant price hikes, with the median rent reaching a record high of $750 per week in the June 2024 quarter, according to recent data from Domain. Factors such as low interest rates, economic recovery, and population growth have driven up demand for housing, exacerbating concerns about affordability. Many residents, particularly those from low- to middle-income households, face heightened financial strain and housing insecurity due to these soaring costs.

The unusual listing underscores the challenges renters face in Sydney's competitive housing market, where creativity in accommodation solutions sometimes meets with skepticism and amusement online. As housing costs continue to rise, debates over affordability and access to suitable housing are likely to remain at the forefront of public discourse in the city.