After Kashmir, Pakistan has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. From not finding any support from the US and other member countries of the United Nations, Pakistan has become a regular subject for trolling.

However, the recent incident of one day international cricket returning to Pakistan after 10 years was about to change its image and put Pakistan in better light.

But then again, sadly, the floodlights in Karachi perhaps had other plans and disappointed spectators after it malfunctioned twice.

One of the six floodlights at National Stadium in Karachi malfunctioned, disrupting the Pakistan vs Sri Lanka cricket match for several minutes.

This was not only a huge embarrassment to the Pakistan Cricket Board, but also to the country as well.

This also brings to mind an event that reportedly occurred in August. News reports stated that the Pakistan Prime Minister's secretariat had faced a power cut because it owed the electricity board.

With all this, Pakistan PM only has this to say…