While we get back to our lives following the transition to the new decade, it’s time to take a brief look back at the night that was. Though many chose to go through the transit in style and it was a memorable New Year’s Eve that one can hardly remember, it is the aftereffects on January 1 that really matter, doesn’t it?

The ones who chose the traditional stay-at-home with family approach to bring in the New Year may have had the first legitimate sober laugh of the year and were probably in a better condition to greet 2020 than their festive friends of western ways.

A brief fall at the feet of elders to obtain blessings or an involuntary fall on the floor of a friend’s house is a matter of choice, and we’re not judging. Just for Laughs on MyNation only aims to show a hangover meme for the sake of light humour, of course.

Well, the past is past, let’s move on. Here’s hoping 2020 gets better for you as days go by.