The political deadlock in Maharashtra is far from being resolved. With none of the parties having a clear majority and the allies breaking ties and making new ones, it looks like a scene from the popular movie Hera Pheri.

First BJP refused to stake claim to form the government due to demands of the Shiv Sena. Then Shiv Sena broke ties with BJP-led NDA and joined hands with Sharad Pawar's NCP.  Still the coalition was short of majority. NCP's ally Congress is still holding talks with Shiv Sena and is not sure whether to support the Shiv Sena-NCP alliance, courtesy the bitter experience of coalition in Karnataka.

Talk with Congress not yielding immediate results has landed Shiv Sena in trouble as the Governor refused to grant any more time to Shiv Sena. With that, now the ball is in NCP's court that has been invited to form the government.

Confused? Every Maharashtrian might be feeling the  same right now, just like how Baburao Ganpatrao Apte felt in the movie Hera Pheri.