While there have been cries of discrimination during protests over the Citizenship Amendment Act, what people choose not think about is the purpose of the amendment and tend to lean to an interpretation of their choice, or rather one that’s chosen by an opposition with vested interests.

Protests have turned violent, public property worth thousands of crores destroyed, lives lost, because of the spread of a narrative that screamed discrimination. However, if we chose to think objectively about the intent of the Bill that was passed to amend an Act, one can understand that it aims to provide refuge to those who have been persecuted, those who have fled a country. Unfortunately, however it comes in the form of those who are in the minority from nations which are divided on the basis of religion. Then, when one aims to provide these refugees a home, should it not be divided on the basis of those who are persecuted and those who are not.

If the government did include everyone in this list, what purpose other than providing a free market for citizenship would it serve? Just for Laughs on MyNation sports a meme which provides people with a perspective on what that logic seems to state.