In a surprising turn of hairstyling creativity, an Iranian hairstylist named Saeideh recently captured attention on Instagram with her unique teapot hair creation. The video shared on her Instagram handle @saeidehariaei_hairstylist, has quickly gone viral, amassing over 3 million views and still counting.

The timelapse video showcases the step-by-step process of transforming a model’s hair into a teapot. It begins with Saeideh tying the model’s hair into a high ponytail. Using a wired structure resembling the body of a teapot, she carefully attaches it to the model’s head using a hot glue gun. To enhance volume, Saeideh employs the backcombing technique, teasing the hair gently.

As the video progresses, she wraps strands of hair around the metallic frame of the teapot, using a quick setting spray to secure them in place. To prevent any mishaps, Saeideh wraps a layer of foam wrap around the structure, matching the model’s hair color, and sets it with an air dryer.

In a surprising twist, Saeideh completes the look by braiding the remaining hair and arranging it around the teapot's base. The most astonishing moment comes when she fills the teapot with water and pours herself a cup, demonstrating the functionality of her innovative creation.

The post garnered mixed reactions from viewers, with some marveling at Saeideh’s skill and creativity, while others found humor in the unconventional hairstyle. Commenters praised her dedication and talent, highlighting her unique approach to hairstyling as a labor of love.

Saeideh’s teapot hairstyle not only showcases her artistic flair but also highlights the limitless possibilities in the world of hairstyling, where imagination and skill can blend to create truly remarkable and conversation-starting looks.