Bengaluru: While the traffic police in most of the states are boasting of huge amount of fines collected from traffic violators, it looks like motorists have found a new way to evade paying fines, leaving the police helpless despite the stringent order.

In a video that surfaced from Delhi, motorists are seen pushing their two wheelers (instead of riding) until they are far from the sight of the police.

The rule is that you cannot drive without a helmet or in a drunken state. But what if you walk along with your bike?


The Delhi traffic police charge a minimum fine of Rs 2,000 for driving without a helmet or other violations such as jumping signals, etc.

In Bengaluru alone, post implementation of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act on September 4, traffic cops collected a whopping Rs 30,11,400 as fine in just 1.5 days. Highest fine was collected from motorists, who were not wearing helmets.

The rules are made to ensure the safety of people, and when not followed, the law gets stricter.

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act was implemented with such an aim. However, it looks like instead of following the rules, people are finding ways to escape.