The Delhi government has implemented the Odd-Even scheme to deal with the pollution level in the national capital.

The odd-even road space rationing scheme kick-started in Delhi from 8am today as Delhi-NCR air quality worsened to 900 plus in some areas.

On November 1, Delhi’s air quality dropped to ‘emergency’ category for the first time since January and is currently in the ‘severe’ category.

According to the Odd-Even scheme, only vehicles with registration numbers ending with odd numbers can travel the road on a date that falls on an odd number, and those ending with even numbers on a date that bears an even number

But the effectiveness of the scheme is still questionable. In fact, even Supreme Court today questioned the AAP government in Delhi, if odd-even can be the solution for Delhi's 'severe' pollution.

On the days you cannot travel by your vehicle in Delhi due to the scheme and think walking is the eco-friendly solution, think again. You may not be able to recognise yourself, by the time you reach your destination.