A video of a cow barging inside IIT classroom in Mumbai is going viral. Students are seen moving in fear as the cow makes its way inside the classroom.

Though the incident occurred in July, this year, the video is going viral now.

In another incident that occurred in July, a Kerala student who was in Mumbai for an internship was rammed by two cows. The intensity of the accident was such that he had to be admitted in the hospital.

A video shows a student looking at his mobile when he is rammed by two cows in Mumbai. The video went viral then. The man was injured and admitted to a hospital.

The man was identified as Akshay who hails from Kerala and was in Mumbai for a two-month internship. He was peering at his phone screen when he was rammed by two cows. He fell on a couple of two-wheelers that were parked behind him.

Passersby tried to wake him up, but he was unconscious. Then, Akshay was taken to a hospital where he is being treated for minor injuries.

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In another picture that went viral, a cow was seen eating the pages of a book inside the IIT in Mumbai.

The photographs, which surfaced recently, showed a cow and a half-eaten book inside one of the rooms of the student accommodations at IIT, in hostel number three. The logical inference was to assume that this was the cow’s doing.