Mobiles have become an essential part of our lives. From being a luxury, it slowly is creeping up into our systems to an extent that we are unable to comprehend our lives without mobiles.

While we cry about the increase in fine amount for traffic violations, little do we realise that there's no need to complain if we follow the rules. 

Surely enough though, mobiles have been able to distract us from the physical world. We hold our mobiles with so much value with screen guards, power banks and additional purchases. We can't wait to check our phones wherever we are and pick it up involuntary, even while driving, to know what's happening elsewhere. Sometimes we do it for a laugh, while putting other's lives and our own at stake. 

Just for Laughs on MyNation hopes that you're not reading this while driving or operating heavy machinery. What we do hope is that this meme sticks in your head so that you place less importance on your phone and choose to follow traffic rules instead.