Bengaluru: A tweet by author of 'Land of the Wilted Rose' Anand Ranganathan stating that Tamil Nadu is all set to get the Geographical Indicator (GI) tag has made quite a few news channels go crazy. But before drawing conclusions, here is the truth behind this tweet.

Anand Ranganathan is said to be a fan of the sweet Mysore Pak. He had posted: "Pleased to receive this token of appreciation, on behalf of the one-man-committee for granting of the Mysorepak GI tag to Tamilnadu. Talks are proceeding smoothly. WDTT."

Mysore Pak is a popular sweet made in Karnataka. The sweet is made of three items- gram flour, ghee and sugar. Kannadigas hold this sweet close to their heart and it is a must during festivals or special occasions in South India.

In this background, the tweet was shocking. But even when there was no official notice or statement regarding this from any government-related authorities, people took the tweet posted by a private person seriously and started batting for Mysore Pak.

But the reports on TV made Anand Ranganathan worried, and he tagged BJP MP Tejasvi Surya and sought help to get out of this.

This is NUTS! Now they are running live reports. Hey @Tejasvi_Surya. Get me out of this, man. WHAT THE HELL.

To which, MP Surya replied: Haha. I spoke to the concerned TV channel. They are stopping it now.  Chill for now. And as an aside, accept Mysore Pak is from Mysuru ;) (P.S. To All - If humor & sarcasm is lost from our public conversations, it will be such a loss).