Bengaluru: Celebrities have made catching a flight or hopping on a train a glamorous activity. Nowadays, comfort and style go hand-in-hand for travellers who are also wanting to look their best when heading to a vacay to get good photographs for their Instagram. 

However, in a quest to make a stylish entry into your vacay mode, do not sacrifice comfort for fashion. Some of the hottest celebrities who are a common fixture in best-dressed airport looks list keep it simple when they're travelling. 

So, here are some handy tips to make sure you look and feel good while heading to the train station or the airport: 

Avoid wearing synthetic clothes
Though light and easy to dry, synthetic fabrics stick to your body and makes you feel sweaty. It also traps air and may make you more susceptible to body odour. So, opt for cotton kurtas or tops as you will be a lot more comfortable and smell better too.  

Avoid wearing wear contact lenses
Though you must pack your spare contact lenses while going out of station, it is not advisable to wear them while travelling. The air inside a moving bus or even a flight is usually dry making it a not-so-ideal, itchy condition for your eyes.  So, invest in a pair of cute spectacles to rock while heading on long journeys.

Pack your skinny jeans in the suitcase
Anything tight can be worn when you've reached your destination. Skinny jeans usually make you feel super uncomfortable as it clogs your blood supply, leaving you feeling weak and fatigued.

Baggy jackets are best avoided
This piece of clothing takes up too much space even if you keep it in the overhead compartment. Don't bother yourself with a lumpy jacket. Instead, opt for a shawl or a cardigan if you're prone to feeling cold.

It's better to keep your jewellery hidden
Don't want to attract too much attention? Then don't wear expensive jewellery when you're travelling as there could be theft. 

Keep it casual
Avoid heels or any kind of footwear that's tight around the toes or the heels. Your best option is to wear sneakers or walking shoes.