#Semifinals18: Jwala Gutta’s name disappears from voters list

First Published 7, Dec 2018, 12:09 PM IST
Telangana assembly election Jwala Gutta voters list name missing

Jwala Gutta took to Twitter to express her surprise that her name was not found in the online voters list and the list at the polling booth

Hyderabad: India's top badminton player Jwala Gutta has claimed that her name has disappeared from the voters list when she checked online.

Telangana is polling for Assembly elections today. As all leaders, celebrities, first time voters and common people are queuing up at their respective polling booths, many have complained about glitches.

One such glitch was faced by Jwala Gutta, who took to Twitter to express her disappointment that he name was missing from the online list of voters.

Replying to the comments on her Tweet, Gutta said that she also had been to the polling booth but did not find her name in the list there too.

She also clarified that she had checked the voters list long ago and found her name that is missing now.

People reacted to her tweet by stating, “If this is the situation of celebrities, what about the common people,” expressing doubt that many names might be missing from the voters list.