Nizamabad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday thanked Telangana chief minister (CM) K Chandrasekhar Rao for dissolving the state assembly ahead of schedule. It delivered the people of Telangana a bit earlier, he said.

The Prime Minister delineated his five-pronged strategy of development for Telangana, what he called the path of ‘panchtattva’ (five elements of nature).

The Prime Minister was speaking in Nizamabad at a public rally. His core constituency, the youth, was present in large numbers. The prime minister received a restive crowd that reminded of one of his rallies in north Indian states during 2014 polls.

“BJP has adopted the path of ‘panchtattva’ to rid the country of its problems and to empower the people: bete-beti ki padhai, yuva ki kamai, buzurgon ko dawai, kisan ko sinchai aur jan ki sunwai (education of children, employment to youth, medical facilities to the elderly, irrigation to farmers and that people be heard),” the Prime Minister said.

Referring to the huge crowds that had thronged the venue in Nizamabad and who incessantly shouted their support even before BJP general secretary Muralidhar Rao came up with his translation of the PM’s words, Modi said, “Poll analysts can come here and see which direction the political wind is blowing.”

Taking chief minister (CM) K Chandrasekhar Rao in the crosshairs of his sarcasm, PM Modi said, “Your chief minister a minister in UPA. He was having fun as minister in a government which was being run by madam with remote control.”

The prime minister said that the KCR regime had failed even to provide potable water to the people of Nizamabad and was therefore unfit to rule. “

“People here are devoid of drinking water. It has been five years and they have not delivered potable water. The chief minister had said that ‘If I don’t deliver Godavari waters to every household I shall not come to ask for votes’. Did he come to ask for votes or no? So he made false promises. Should he not be punished? If one cannot provide clean drinking water, such a person cannot be entrusted with a government,” Modi said.

The chief minister and his family, PM Modi said, believed that if the Congress could stay in power for half-a-decade without doing anything, so could they. “In this country Congress never did any development and yet for 50-55 years they kept winning elections. Now if they can win without doing anything, then they can also win without anything. They are learning from Congress and its ways. But. Mr CM times have changed; this country is that of the youth. Now no party can win an election by not performing for even 50 months.”

The prime minister chided the KCR government for spurning Centre’s offer to join the Ayushmaan Bharat scheme. “We started Ayushmaan Bharat scheme to provide 50 crore poor of the country with Rs 5 lakh cover in case of grave illnesses, such as kidney or heart failure or cancer, as the poor cannot afford the medical bill. Modi-care was framed. These people are so insecure that they did not join this scheme and have damaged the interests of the poor,” he said.

“Friends this scheme is two-month old. In this time three lakh households have benefited and poor lives have been saved. Not one of them is from Telangana and the CM and his party is responsible,” he added.

PM Modi appealed the voters to not be swayed by the politics of votebank. “Votebank politics has destroyed the country. Governments have so far catered only to votebank. Where dynaty or voterbank or nepotism have pipped development, those states have been destroyed.”