New Delhi: Facebook-owned WhatsApp, the biggest chat app is all set to introduce a new feature that will not allow the user to take screenshots of private conversations. This feature will provide more privacy to the chats. Presently only end-to-end conversations are encrypted.  

In the latest beta version, the app will update many security features like fingerprint lock, consecutive voice messages and 3D touch action. The app is also working to strengthen its user-privacy features. Recently, before the elections, WhatsApp added a group privacy feature on the government’s appeal to prevent the spreading of fake news and to control misleading information going viral.  

Data shows 22 Cr people in India use WhatsApp, and as per market capitalisation, WhatsApp is the biggest global chat app. To maintain its standard and status globally, WhatsApp is working on adding more security features. 

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Some other new features Whatsapp will introduce are listed below:

Fingerprint authentication

For mobile phones this feature is old but for WhatsApp, fingerprint authentication will add a new layer of security. Users will have to authenticate themselves every time they open the app. 

Consecutive voice messages

This new feature will allow the user to automatically play voice messages if they are received in a sequence. After the end of the first voice message, a sound will automatically notify the user before the next one begins.

Ranking of contacts

WhatsApp plans to introduce a new contact ranking system feature. This feature will be for Android users. It will rank contacts automatically based on the amount of interaction. 

3D touch

This feature will only be introduced for iPhone users and will allow users to check their WhatsApp status with the device’s 3D touch without showing a read receipt message to the person whose story is being watched.