New Delhi: Telecommunication is one of the most volatile industries in the world of technology and every second brings a new update. Last week, there was a lot of the hustle and bustle in the tech market with new announcements made by tech giants, and new information floated in the public domain. With the launch of new mobile phones and some interesting news, here are some updates from the tech market. 


Launch of Realme-3-Pro 

Under the budget of Rs15,000, Realme is giving you a new option with its Realme-3-Pro. With 4Gb ram and 64Gb storage, this phone will cost you around Rs 13,999 whereas it's other variant with 6Gb ram and 128Gb will cost you Rs 16,999. The company has also launched Realme C2 which will cost around Rs 5,999. 


Launch of Redmi Y3 

The base model of Redmi Y3 starts at Rs 9,999 whereas the second variant will cost Rs 11,999. The company does not want to leave any scope for the customer to turn down this deal and hence the mobile phone has some of the best features like a 32-megapixel camera, 6.26-inch 'waterdrop' notch display and in two variants. One with a 3Gb ram and 32Gb memory and the other with 4Gb ram and 64Gb space. With such low prices, the company aims at being fierce competition to Realme-3-pro. 


 TikTok ban 

One of the most talked and used apps of the mobile play store by youth, TikTok, has got relief from the court. The Madras high court, earlier put a ban on the app for showcasing shocking content while the company in its defence told that, it is taking various steps to remove such content, and that it abides all the regulation of the IT act. Hence, the court has given interim relief to the app and its users. Right now the app is running on various social media platforms. Earlier, there was a strong reaction by the youth on social media against the high court ban.



The United Kingdom-based National Cyber Security Centre has recently conducted a study on a database carrying the public account details which were hacked earlier. The study revealed some interesting points like most of the open accounts had password ‘123456’; it was the most used password. Around 2.3 crore people used this password after which the second most used password was ‘123456789’ also Qwerty, ‘Password’ and ‘1111111’ were the other three passwords among the top five in the list of most used passwords. 


Apple-Qualcomm compromised 

After the long talks between Apple and Intel, Intel has turned down the deal for making 5G chips for Apple iPhones. Last year after breaking a deal with its regular partner, Qualcomm, Apple initiated a new deal with Intel for the manufacturing of fifth generation chips. But now Intel has turned down the deal, and Apple has also settled with Qualcomm. Qualcomm will now manufacture 5G chips for Apple.