HackersEra is a renowned Cyber Security services provider that pioneered the development of flexible business practices. Its strength stems from its ability to comprehend our clients' trade procedures, culture, ambition, and goals throughout industrial sectors and provide dependable client-oriented services.

Hackers Era, which has over 500 customers and 30 employees, is dedicated to serving the best interests of those who are linked with them.
HackersEra's Journey so far!

HackersEra was started by Vikash Chaudhary in 2015. A company started by a single guy with the goal of raising awareness about cyber-attacks and offering better services to consumers has grown to over 30 employees in the cybersecurity services industry. When you consider their combined experience, they have more than a century under their belts.

The importance of cybersecurity in an enterprise must never be underestimated, as cyberattacks are growing at an alarming rate throughout the world. Figures indicate that the bigger the firm, the more likely it is to be attacked. This provision does not, however, suggest that small and medium-sized businesses are not in danger. A cyber-attack may adversely affect any company with a presence on the web, and the financial, physical, and legal implications of such a strike could be catastrophic.

"In 2015, we started HackersEra in a tiny one-bedroom apartment and haven't looked back since. We've kept growing and will continue to do so in the near future, "Vikash Chaudhary, the CEO and Founder of HackersEra, agrees.
From Ground Zero to Global Expansion

HackersEra began operations in 2015, but in just six years, the company has grown globally. What originated as a single man's dream has impacted the cybersecurity sector significantly. They are working to change the digital era and make it a much safer place to live.

To succeed in growing your marketing across borders and cultures, you must prepare methodically. There have been a lot of epic failures and a lot of achievements for HackersEra but they never gave up.

The ease with which modern communications may be used has had a significant impact on a company's capacity to advertise its products globally.

With the purpose of reaching as many people as possible with its outstanding and promising services, it has recently expanded globally into two of the world's most strong marketplaces, namely the United States and Malaysia.
HackersEra LLC, USA

HackersEra Pvt.Ltd, INDIA (HQ)

HackersEra Sdn. Bhd, MALAYSIA
Vikash Chaudhary’s outlook for the future!

Although digital marketing has numerous advantages, it is frequently regarded as a two-edged sword. Yes, it provides a plethora of options for companies, but it also provides a plethora of opportunities for hackers.

The majority of digital marketing campaigns necessitate firms collecting and processing massive amounts of data about their clients. This data can be utilized fraudulently in the event of a data breach, causing actual damage to customers and a detrimental influence on your company's reputation.

Businesses who are aware of the ramifications and well-equipped and trained can deal with a danger more effectively in the terrible event that it arises. You can never be too prepared for a potential cyber breach of security, whether your firm is a multinational corporation, a mid-sized organization, or a small local business. HackersEra's CEO and Founder, Vikash Chaudhary, seeks to build a safe online arena for businesses and students, and the entire company believes in educating people about cyber-attacks. The objective of HackersEra is to conduct business with the world's leading 20 countries. By 2025, HackersEra will be active in at least 20 countries, implying that they will open offices in at least 20 countries.

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