As the saying goes that there's no age to define of what one is capable to become. For instance suiting as the best example for the above phrase is Gurpreet, who is just 17 year old and is the youngest social media influencer and youtube vlogger. A heart belonging to a small village named Mehatpur in Punjab, India,

Gurpreet grew up watching movies and various artistic performances performed on stage but due to lack of resources he could never figure things out to accuracy. But with the passing day his enthusiasm for performing and entertaining the public and working for different brands, endorsing them grew at a rapid pace.

 That's all appreciatable that even with the platter of his submissive background weighed heavier than the platter of his motivation, he never gave up on his passion and now has a good number of subscribers and fan following on varied social media stages. He is successfully pursuing what he has always admired to be.

He is also influencing other people to achieve what they wish for. Leading the way, Gurpreet Singh aka Gopi Saini has possibly used the evolution of internet and technological advancements in various fields so congineally that one seeking motivation could not deny to accept his role as an idol. 

Being so rationally determined, Gurpreet Singh becomes a motivation for all the youngsters proving that there’s no restriction on age, on background you belong to, or on anything else till the reels of one’s determination is as high as sky.. Best exempted when the shifting from small brick and mortgage shop was done so cordially by the adorning peseverance to the internet and various social media platform with zero limits and an open vast to climb.