At last Google has come out with the dark theme. It is available for download on Android 10 phones on Play Store update 16.7.21.

The dark theme helps in saving battery life and also helps you with better sleep.

The theme is predominantly dark grey in colour, whereas the search bar can be seen in a lighter grey colour.

You can also watch YouTube, Google Fit, Google Keep, and Google Calendar in the dark mode. Currently, Gmail and Chrome will also be available in dark theme.

Earlier, Google had Doze Mode and Deeper Doze Mode to save battery of the phone, but it was not that effective.

Doze Mode was introduced in Android M, later known as Android 6.0 Marshmallow. All it would do is retain battery life for quite a longer time. It would work only when the phone is stationary and the screen is asleep.

But the dark theme is much better than the Doze or Deep Doze Mode as it conserves battery life to a great extent on phones with OLED panels.

Android 10 has been introduced in Google Pixel, including Pixel XL. The dark theme is available on these phones as well as on Samsung's Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.

The night mode or the dark mode not only helps the mobile phone save battery but is easy on the eye as well. When compared to the white theme Google has had so far, the dark mode helps people sleep better. Even the notifications appearing on dark mode will not affect your sleep.