Femanji is an online media publishing house, founded and owned by a young man called Radwan Omar. He started young and took his business to new heights leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others. He has more than 30 million followers on Facebook alone, which speaks a lot about his success as a competent digital marketer. While talking about his secrets of his success he said that he understands the need to choose the right niche and target the best. He had chosen the entertainment and comedy niche as he was more interested in this domain.

He then kept on adding content that remained relevant to the niche with 8 to 14 posts daily and to his surprise, a majority of them went viral. All thanks to the engaging content he developed in his career. His posts turned out to be the most relevant for his target audience, which brought people close to him. People wanted to tag and share with their peers and friends and that way things kept working and he ended up getting more than 30 million followers for his Facebook pages. He claims that cross-promoting remains the fastest method to grow on Facebook. One can make a team on Facebook by adding up pages of your niche area.

With regular posts, one can easily get connected with like-minded people. On properly implementing these strategies on a regular basis, you end up getting your faster growth at Facebook. Talking about his future plans, he says that he and his team have a development plan and he is confident that he would fulfill it. The industry where his company exists keep on changing too often and fast, hence it is imperative for him to remain relevant by updating. Currently, he has five employees in his team and he intends to expand 20 by the end of 2020. He is eyeing for talented individuals in his team to take his company to the next level.