Moonis Ali is a successful eCommerce Entrepreneur and the founder of EcomX University. He is the best eCommerce trainer in India with vast experience and proven results. He has trained thousands of students in becoming online millionaires with his eCommerce expertise. Initially, rejection took a toss on his emotional strength. But his hunger & desire to succeed helped him in creating a mark in both Indian & International eCommerce Industry.

After a series of failures, investing all his savings, with just Rs 131 Left in his bank account and a 70,000 negative Credit Card bill, he transformed his business and created multiple Million Dollar eCommerce stores. He Loves eCommerce & Dropshipping so Much that he is the first Indian guy to record a Music Video on his eCommerce Journey called Ecom Rap - Moonis Ali. 

With his success talking in numbers, as a Keynote speaker Moonis has spoken at a number of events at multiple places Like IIM Indore, All India Affiliate Summit, DAVV, Aisect University and others. He described some of the key learning points during his e-Commerce entrepreneurial journey. 

1. Mindset - It is the key! One should always believe that he is born to do great things and must be ready to give in 100% no matter what. A strong belief that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals will add up to it. Is good to have a target; but not baggage. Keeping mind clear from unnecessary thoughts is important. Success is sometimes over rated & one should be strong mentally to get up after each failure. 

2. Patience - This plays a very vital role in achieving success. Just like how one can’t get ‘the perfect body’ with 6 pack abs over night, none can build empires in a day. Never stop learning, mentorship always saves time & finances on the longer run. Perseverance is the key to long term successful journey. It’s not a quick rich scheme. It is unlikely to launch your first ad and make money immediately. 

3. Gamify Life - Treating obstacles at every bad phase with different intensity is a smart mans choice. Like how, we have to play each level in the video game to access the next, life treats us the same way. Like how we use helplines in games, having a person who can clear doubts, share experiences & guide you is bliss. 

4. Don’t love - NEVER fall in love with any product. When it is about selling stuff online, what we like doesn’t matter. It’s always about consumer interest & his capacity to buy the product. What is right for person A, might not be even good for person B. But having an average balance & selling the right product is the key in the e-Com game. You should never be scared of testing!

His message to all his students is highly motivating. He says, “Let the world laugh at you today, let them mock you on your failures today because they don’t know what your dream is, they don’t know what you are working for. Just put your head down and keep hustling. Hustle Hard!”re."