New Delhi: The wait for those millions of Apple fans was finally put to rest on 3rd June 2019 at the Apple WWDC 2019 in San Jose. Not surprising to know that Apple has yet again, got all the attention of its customers with their new range of products. From the Apple Mac Pro to Apple Watch to its ever-evolving iOS. Let’s take a look at the range of products and announcements Apple has in store for its fans.

1.  Apple Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

A beast in its own way, the all-new Mac Pro gets a facial makeover along with its upgraded specs. With this launch, Apple has introduced a custom video accelerator card, called Afterburner. The card is designed specifically for video-editing acceleration that will support the native ProRes and ProRes Raw in 8K. Oh well, one cannot ignore the 1.4-kilowatt power supply used to light up the beast. And if you still feel it's heavy to move around this loaded steel machine, well, you can shell out some extra paper to get the optional wheels. The machine not only makes the editing effortless but also makes the life of an editor simpler with its 32-inch Pro XDR display (commonly known as the HDR display). The primary intention is to replace both reference and working monitors for the editors. With a resolution of 6016 x 3384, true 10-bit colours, the panel has a polarizer, an etched glass and a lot of blue LEDs with lenses and local dimming. But all that comes at an extra cost of $12000. 

2. MacOS Catalina

How can one not expect a new MacOS when talked about WWDC. The new MacOS version 10.15, Catalina has a lot to offer, unlike its predecessors. Apple iTunes has been finally replaced by Apple Music after 18 years. The new iOS also gets a Podcast app and Apple TV with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support. Activation Lock and Find My app has also been integrated into this new iOS to lock down your MacBook in an unfortunate situation where it gets stolen or you get too drunk to have donated it to a stranger. The new app called as the Sidecar lets your iPad become a secondary display. Apple really does not believe in that famous saying “Size does matter”. Do they? With the help of this secondary display, one can use it as a reference monitor when editing if they don’t want to shell out that extra bit of money. 

3. iPhone iOS 13

A common launch in every WWDC, Apple has decided to show its "dark" side. Well, it means that a user can change their light colour theme into a dark colour theme. This particular feature will also be a part of Android Q too. Along with these small upgrades the Apple keyboard also gets the swipe and type mode which they call QuickPath typing. Gives those Android users a small yet important reason to switch to an Apple. Portrait Lighting effects and better editing interface are a part of Photos. And yes, you can rotate videos too. Siri will sound more natural and has been taught to read and reply to your message via AirPods. Literally!

4. iPad gets its own iOS

This is a big takeaway for iPad users. It will get its own dedicated iOS which they call iPadOS. Loaded with tons of new features, some of them are pinning of widgets, USB pen drive support, direct transfer of photos from cameras, columns view is Files and not to forget the new Safari.

5.  Apple Watch and the Watch OS 6

Last but not least, the launch of the new Apple Watch and Watch OS 6. Imagine doing all the calculations on your wrist. Yes, the new Apple Watch and Watch OS 6 will support calculator and voice memo. It will also be loaded with new themes like Gradient face, California Dial, Digital face and a Solar face which will also have 24-hour Sun path. The Apple Watch will also get its own Apple Watch App Store where its users can download apps specifically designed for it. Apple did miss out on the opportunity to make a life for women simpler by adding menstrual cycle tracking to both the Watch and the iPhone.