Bengaluru: iPhone XS Max that was released in 2018 priced at Rs 82,000 will not be available in India. The phone has been discontinued  in the country by Apple.

The reason behind discontinuing the model is because three new variants of iPhones have been launched and will be available in India soon. Yesterday, the Apple had released iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These variants will be available in India in September 27.

The iPhone XS Max was first introduced in India in September 2018. The starting price of the model was Rs 1,09,900 and it went up to Rs 1,44,900. Currently, iPhone XS Max that was available at Rs 82,000 will only be available till the old stock gets over. Once  all the pieces are sold, the phone will be discontinued in India.

iPhone 11 Pro Max will be considered as the successor of iPhone XS Max. However, other variants of the iPhone - iPhone XS and iPhone XR - will be sold in India.