Started in October 2017, Rochak Tathya is a fact sharing platform that has now grown to be one of the biggest and most popular Hindi language pages in India. Indeed, it has over 3 million followers on Facebook and more than 1 million followers on Instagram. 

Tushar Ganeriwal started his journey when he was still a teenager. But even though he was very young, he already knew that a traditional path would not be satisfactory for him. 

When he was just 15 years old, he convinced the Chinese company 9apps to hire him and to let him manage their social media pages. This is how Ganeriwal was introduced to the digital marketing game and started learning the basics. But very soon, he realized that to get bigger things, he would have to take risks, and that is why he left the job to star his own venture.

But to start his own company, he needed money. He asked his father for an investment of INR 50K, but perhaps because he was too young, he was denied. Tushar did not let this discourage him, and he decided to save the money himself. 

He started searching for social media firms online who did not have a good presence on the internet, and started cold calling them in hopes of getting a client. With sheer hard work and perseverance, he was hired by a news channel in Dubai.

It didn't take long for the company to notice the brilliance of his young mind and soon he was making 6 times more money than the amount he asked from his father. However, this was not enough for him and he wanted to explore the digital marketing and social media niche even more. He started researching and learning about the market and soon he discovered that there was a large segment of population on Facebook that was completely untapped. 

This is how he started गुदगुदे चुटकुले. Within 2 months, this platform had more than 1 million followers and this made Tushar realize the importance of a Hindi audience. He realized that most of the platforms on social media were focused on English or Hinglish audience, but there wasn't much to look forward to for the Hindi audience. He decided to explore this market and keeping this in mind, he launched Rochak Tathya.

Within a few months, this page had garnered over 3 million followers on Facebook and more than 1 million people on Instagram. It has grown to be one of the most influential Hindi-language platforms in the country and it is being viewed by more than 50 million people every month currently. 

Even though Tushar was only 17 years old, he launched the platform. His knowledge and experience working in digital marketing have made this venture the resounding success that it is today. Today, he is working with successful brands like Aajtak, Navbharat Times, Punjab Kesari, Western Union, Asian Paints, TikTok and Vmate.

Tushar believes that most of the marketers focus on tried and tested paths but do not pay attention to untapped niches and he thinks that this is one of the key factors for his success. By recognizing a need in the marker that was not being fulfilled, he managed to grow his brand into a success story.