Elon Musk has confidently announced that the future will be led by Neuralink users and smartphones will go obsolete. Tech billionaire Elon Musk is known for his quirky online presence, especially on X (formerly Twitter). Replying to a parody account of himself, Elon Musk tweeted about the future being dominated by the Neuarlink users. 

The parody account posted an edited picture of Elon using a smartphone. The caption read, "Would you install a Neuralink interface on your brain to allow you to control your new X phone by thinking?"



The post has over 349K views and thousands of comments from people across the internet. Elon Musk also joined the conversation and responded, "In the future, there will be no phones, just Neuralinks."

One user wrote, "no possible way. I would rather give up beer."

While some people are totally against the idea, some people are supporting Elon and are excited for the new technology to roll out. A person commented, "Absolutely! A hands-free experience would be revolutionary. Can't wait for that level of technology!"

Another person wrote, "No! I like my fantastic brain just the way it is...but different strokes for different folks!"

Neuralink technology has been witnessing progress and is now looking for a second participant for clinical trials. The new participant can also use the Neuralink to use their computer and phones. Talking about this, Elon Musk announced on X and wrote, "Neuralink is accepting applications for the second participant. This is our Telepathy cybernetic brain implant that allows you to control your phone and computer just by thinking. No one better than Noland (@ModdedQuad) himself to tell you about the first."

In March, Neualink published a video showcasing Arbaugh and his progress as the first human trial patient. "It's crazy, so cool. I am lucky to be a part of this. It seems every day I am learning something new. I can't describe how cool it is to be able to do this," he said in the video.

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