India is assured of two medals at the World Youth Boxing Championships even before the start of the competition. Two women boxers have received direct entry into the semi-finals before throwing even a single punch. This is due to the small number of participants.

Sakshi Gaidhani (81kg) and Neha Yadav (+81kg) have already made it to the final four of the tournament.

Sakshi will face Russia's Anastasiia Rybak and Neha will be up against Ukraine's Mariia Lovchynska.

Others in the Indian contingent like Divya Pawar (54kg), Manisha (64kg) and Astha Pahwa (75kg) will have to fight in the preliminary stage. Two others, Sakshi (57kg) and Jony (60kg), have got direct entry into the pre-quarterfinal stage.

PTI quoted national youth coach for women, Bhaskar Bhatt as saying, "We have built-up nicely towards these world championships, we had massive success at the Asian Youth Championships and hopefully the boxers will continue the form in the world championship." Bhatt is one of this year's Dronacharya award nominees. Under him, India have won five gold and two silver medals at the World Youth Championships last year.

Nitu, Manisha and Lalita (69kg) who helped India win three gold medals in the Asian Championships are also part of this tournament.

On the men's side, Ankit (60kg), Akash (64kg) and Vijeaydeep (69kg) have got direct entry into the pre-quarterfinals.