Kolkata: Mohun Bagan Football Club’s president, Swapan Sadhan Bose grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons after making a sexist remark during a Calcutta Football League (CFL) match.

On Wednesday, Mohun Bagan won CFL title after defeating Calcutta Customs in a league game.

During half-time, with Mohun Bagan leading 2-0 and heading towards victory, Bose (pictured above, centre) was asked on Live TV as to how it would feel to win the trophy after a long wait.

Bose said in Bengali, "Shath bocchor dhore meye hochhilo. Hotthath ekta chhele hoyeche. Ki rokom laage bhai tomar hole? Sherom lagche."

The comment translates to, "Had daughters for seven consecutive years, suddenly a son is born. How would you feel then, brother? That's how I'm feeling now."

After facing severe backlash for his sexist comment, former Rajya Sabha MP Bose has issued an apology. 

“I was ecstatic after we won the league for the first time in eight years yesterday. In that excitement, I said a few things which I did not mean to say. I did not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments on a happy occasion. My words have hurt my followers/loved ones. I am deeply saddened. I apologise deeply to them,” he said.